Praise for the Wine Making Journal

  • A perfect way to stay organized (T. Titler)5 Stars
    This journal is a great way to remain organized. I had kept my batches listed in a notebook before, but now I have something neat and clean for me to record everything about every batch of wine I make.
  • Never lose a note again!! (J. Strange)5 Stars
    One thing I discovered after I started using the journal, was that it made it easier when making wine with a friend. I just grab my journal and head over to there house, I know I have all my notes and batches in there. I also discovered that before I got the journal I kept looking up the same info online again and again. Now I add the info to the notes section in my journal and it’s always handy next time I need it.
  • Great one stop shop for notes and recipes!!! (John Arendt)5 Stars
    I found this a great resource to keep all my wine making notes in one place. This really helped organize my space. I didn’t plan on it at the time of purchase, but this also makes it easy to share recipes with friends and family. Once quick scan and they have every step I did to produce a specific batch of wine. Highly recommended.
  • Just What He Wanted (A Kid’s Review)5 Stars
    I got this for my almost hubbys Birthday and I was awesome. He is an at home wine maker and it had everything that he needed to keep track of all in one book. The lay out was good and it even had room to write favortie recepies and notes that you wanted to keep. i think this book is great for the home wine maker.

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