27 OctBad Batch Of Home Made Wine

How to cope with a bad batch of wine, because saving it is just to painful

Sometimes a batch of wine that you are working on is so bad that you just have to dump it out. We’ve all been there, months of hard work and the batch still tastes horrible. If you haven’t been there you will be sooner or later. Here are some ways to cope with the thought of having to pour all your hard work down the drain. This assumes that you have tried to troubleshoot it, and nothing works.

The easiest method is to crack open a good bottle of wine, get liquored up a bit, and stare at the offending batch. Once you’ve drank enough about the wine, and pondered on how bad the batch really is, it should be easy just to dump it down the drain.

Another way is to start a new batch. Starting a new batch will add a bit more excitement into your wine making experience, and will lessen the hurt of pouring out a batch. While dumping the old batch down the drain, try to focus on how great the new batch is going to be. If your confidence has been shaken, try starting a batch from a kit. These kits are moderately priced and it’s really hard to mess them up.

Phone a friend. Call in one of those lifelines and have another wine buddy come over and taste it. Ask your buddy to be honest. If it is truly horrible, your friend should have no problem agreeing with you. Hopefully this reassurance is all that is needed to help you make the plunge. If not, ask your friend to dump it out while your not looking.

If all this fails, or you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Simply put the carboy to the back of your shelves and cover it up. Leave it for 6 months, even put a note with a date of when to try it next. When the time rolls around, try it again, if it’s gotten worse try one of the above methods again. If it’s better, but not quite right, wait another 6 months. If it’s a miracle and tastes great, consider yourself lucky and bottle it.

Remember, wine making is an art, not a science. Some paintings are not going to turn out. It’s not your fault, it’s just God’s way of saying you can do better.

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